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Signals detecting and discernment in radio technical systems


V.Y. Volkov. Reviewers: A.S. Marugin, Y.A. Kovalgin



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Important concepts of theory of signals detecting and estimation are discussed in the book. Some examples of detecting of distribution parameters changing in crucial statistics are considered as well as probability distribution discernment. Issues of exact and approximate calculation of discernment characteristics are covered along with examples and algorithms of signal processing in radio technical systems with regard to radio technical problems. Matlab scripts for modeling and calculation are presented that illustrate main provisions and results. The book is recommended for students of radio technical specialties (11.03.01 and 11.04.01 “Radiotechnics”, 11.05.01 “Radio technical systems and complexes”), post-graduates and specialists in the field.

Reviewers: Marugin A.S., PhD in Techs., Assistant Prof. of radio systems chair of Saint-Petersburg State Electro Technical University,
Kovalgin Y.A., Dr. in Techs, Prof. of radio communication and broadcast chair of Saint-Petersburg State Telecommunications University.
1. Signal reception and processing in radio technical systems
1.1. Signal processing problems
1.2. Analysis and synthesis of algorithms for signal processing
1.3. Likelihood function and likelihood ratio
1.4. Detector output signals and noise
1.5. Optimal detection and discerning of signal
1.6. Detection parameters and signal/noise ratio
1.7. Detector performance characteristics and detecting characteristics

2. Detecting of signals during single observations
2.1. Detecting of shift of Gaussian distribution
2.2. Detecting of variance change of Gaussian distribution
2.3. Detecting the change in scaling of exponential distribution
2.4. Detecting the change in scaling of Rayleigh distribution
2.5. Detecting the change of Poisson distribution parameter
2.6. Detecting the change of lognormal distribution parameters
2.7. Detecting the change of scale parameter of gamma distribution

3. Discernment of probability distributions
3.1. Discernment between exponential and Rayleigh distributions
3.2. Discernment between Rayleigh and lognormal distributions
3.3. Discernment between exponential and lognormal distributions
3.4. Discernment of Weibull distributions
3.5. Discernment of gamma distributions

4. Processing of multivariate observations
4.1. The case of independent Gaussian sampling
4.2. The case of independent non-Gaussian sampling
4.3. General Gaussian problem
4.4. Correlation detector of deterministic signal
4.5. Filter detector of deterministic signal
4.6. Discrete-time filtration of deterministic signal

5. Modeling programs in Matlab
5.1. Modeling of square video impulse and square radio impulse amid noise
5.2. Correlation processing and matched filtering of square video impulse
5.3. Correlation processing and matched filtering of square radio impulse
5.4. Forming and processing of a single linear frequency-modulated square radio impulse amid noise